Sophie enjoyed opening her first Valentines (from non family members). She was so sweet. I would read her each card and who it was from. She LOVED it! Apparently tattoos are a big thing now as almost all of the Valentines included one to four. She wanted to apply them all as we opened each Valentine.








(null) Note the remainder from her jelly-filled paczki on her face.


She just keeps getting cuter and cuter. (Even though she keeps getting out of bed over and over AND OVER again.)




Sorry some are a little blurry. My iphone camera can’t quite catch her ever changing poses.

Morning fun

So at first I didn’t like any of these shots. They are blurry. She isn’t posed exactly how I’d like her to be. Then, I realized how much of her personality they captured. Try to ignore the imperfections and focus on her sass. She has plenty. And she thinks that is how headbands should be worn she she is a trendsetter. Her grandma would be so proud!







It was bound to happen. Today, I am officially a mom. “I can’t love you, Mommy!”


IMG_1649.JPG“Be quiet! I need to talk to Daddy!” All because I would not let her have lemonade with lunch. I have to admit that I thought I had a few more years before she told me this. Anthony reassured me that at least one of our children is on my side.

IMG_1654.JPG Thanks, Emma. And Sophie already told me she loves me again, so all is well.


We made it through a car trip to and a whole shopping trip at Target with one braided pigtail.


IMG_1445.JPG That is huge. You haven’t let us fix your hair for about almost a year. So we can work with your “mullet” for now. (She is business on her braided side an party on the wild and loose side.) You are still just the prettiest.

Now we work on keeping your shoes on…